A yummy surprise!

I wanted to get J a special little treat for Valentine’s Day. Something that didn’t involve chocolate — he doesn’t eat it. (More for me, yay!)

I thought and I thought.

Finally I decided to run down to Cupprimo —  the cupcake shop at the end of the street — and grab two of their Primo Vanillas. Can’t beat them.

(Yes, we have a cupcake shop at the end of our main street.) (Yes, it’s very dangerous!)

I could hardly wait to surprise J with them. Got out our special little dessert forks so we could savor every last bite. And our pink Fiesta dishes too. Then I carefully hid everything away so that I could surprise him after we ate.


He came home from work with a big grin on his face. “I got you a little surprise for Valentine’s Day!” he announced happily. “Do you want it now or later?”

I told him later.

But he couldn’t wait. He unveiled his big surprise with a flourish…

Vanilla and double chocolate cupcakes from hey, cupcake!

There was a pause.

I started giggling like crazy.

After I got myself under control, I brought out the hidden cakes that I got from Cupprimo.


Then we BOTH started laughing.

Of course, we had to have a sampling of each. A little taste test, if you will.

The winners? BOTH!

Then we ate and watched IQ — so cute! Love how they portrayed Albert Einstein. And we sampled more of the cupcakes.

Hope you had a super yummy Valentine’s day,

15 thoughts on “A yummy surprise!”

  1. I would have to say that you sure know each other well! What a sweet, fun story! I gave my hubby strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, in a heart-shaped container. . . .oh, yum! So glad he shared them with me! Hugs to you, Lisa! :)

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