I’m working on my spring window display. It’s not done yet (and boy do I have to clean my windows).

But spring has definately arrived!

Hope you’re having a great weekend — whatever season you are in!

7 Replies to “Spring!”

  1. I wish I could say it is spring in Ohio, but it is snowing here with 4-6 inches expected. Have a great day and send some SPRING this way. MOM

  2. Lisa, I assure you, my windows look even worse! It’s actually one of my favorite spring cleaning things to do. Can’t wait to open up that sparkling, clean glass and let some fresh are in! Might be awhile yet, up here in Minnesota, so I’m counting on you to remind me what is to come. . . .can’t wait to see the finished window display! Hugs! :)

  3. LOVE your budding twigs, Lisa! Do you remember pussy willows? I’ll have to go see if I can find any in the wilds around our house in OH when we get home……..

  4. Tiffany Johnson says:

    I always have terrible luck with window displays and all plants in general. Have any herb gardening tips?

  5. barbara lassiter says:

    It’s pouring rain here, but it isn’t snow and it could be!!!! The mini daffodils by my front door are up at least 2 inches and I am hopeful. Tomorrow I will cut some forsythia branches and bring them in to force the blooms!!! Hooray for Spring!

  6. Love your display, even if it’s a work in progress ;)
    We only have a couple of windows with sills in our house (the bathroom and the utility room!) as it’s a Victorian built terrace and all the sash windows and bay windows didn’t have sills then. I miss having space for a little display, but at least I get to enjoy the rare treat of having a posy of flowers in the bathroom! Hehe!

  7. Hi Lin! I remember pussy willows — love them! So soft and fuzzy and definitely a sign of spring!

    Hi Barbara! My Grandma used to have a forsythia bush and we’d cut branches and bring them in to force the blooms, too! Wish we had some here in Texas, I’ve never seen them growing anywhere. I *did* see some at the grocery store for $16 for a branch — yikes! Oh and I’ve planted daffidils here before, but seems like they’d all melt and die as soon as it hits 90 — usually just when they were in full bloom. :(

    Hi Ruth! Posies in the bathroom sound divine. I had an orchid in mine once but I killed it. :( I’m an orchid killer, can’t seem to keep them alive. Darn it.)

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