The Sketchbook Project is coming to Austin!

And I won’t be here to see it, darn.

(Sketchbook Project image from Art House Co-op. Grey tape from Pugly Pixel.)

What’s The Sketchbook Project? It’s a keen idea by the Art House Co-op — they sent blank sketchbooks to artists all around the world and are displaying the completed books on a tour.

If you are going to the one in Austin — it’s this weekendor any of the other stops on the tour — will you take pictures for me? (Check the tour dates for more info and further info — dates may have changed from the map above.)

And if you should happen to see my little book, let me know if she’s behaving herself. (And let me know if people have taken any of the tear-outs, too. Hope so!)


4 Replies to “The Sketchbook Project is coming to Austin!”

  1. So exciting, Lisa! Hope someone is able to see your book and share some photos! Would love to see that! Hugs to you!

  2. What a pity you’re going to miss this, Lisa. I hope someone will be able to take photos and track down your book for you!

  3. Fun! I wish I were closer and could come and see the books – I loved your rainy days one Lisa ;)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend anyhoo, hugs, Ruth S

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I too couldn’t make the two events in Austin. So I am looking for images and blogs from people that did. Very nice sketchbook.

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