From blossoms of snow to snow blossoms.

Before I left Texas I had to snap a few photos to show (no , make that torture) my family. It was sunny and 78 F, the birds were singing, butterflies were fluttering away, and the trees were covered in snowy white blossoms.

The new leaves were coming out, so fresh and pretty. (They always make me hungry, ha!)

Then when I got to Ohio there were blossoms of snow.

Still really pretty, but much colder. (Even when I borrowed my Dad’s boots.) (The deer didn’t seem to mind though, there were tracks everywhere.)

Hope you’re having a great weekend — whichever kind of snowy white blossoms you may have. :)

And a little update on my Grandma — she’s not doing so well. So glad I am here. (Thanks so much to all of you for your well wishes and hugs. They’re helping more than you know.)

Enjoy the moments,

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  1. I’m at Lake Tahoe at the moment, enjoying the Alpine view myself. Thank you for a nice eye candy to get me deeper into the beautiful snowy mood. [in a good way]

  2. I love coming here to visit you! These photos are so beautiful! I must admit though, I prefer the flower blossoms. Love the pansies and that gorgeous white Daff with the peachy center! I’m glad you’re in Ohio too. So important for you to be there. Sending love, prayers and hugs to you and your family!

  3. HI sweet Lisa… We are at that in-between stage – winter one moment, and I mean moment, then spring.. woke to 20 degrees, it is now 37, but snow in the forecast!!!

    Love your photos of spring – and winter!!!

    Hugs to you and your grandma and your daddy’s family…….. I’m sure she is feeling all the love surrounding her right now.. She is one lucky Grandma to have her family with her at such a tough time.. We should all be so lucky….

    Hang in there… glad you get to go outside for walks and perhaps some private talks with the big man… xo

  4. So sorry to hear your grandma is not doing real well – glad you were able to come see her. where in Ohio are you visiting? Your snow pics look like mine from CIncinnati yesterday, but today is gorgeous here.

    1. Hi Candy — those photos were taken at my Dad’s in Rogers. My Grandma lives in Poland (near Youngstown) — probably 5-6 hours from Cincinnatti — it was really nice here today too — it’s almost all melted now :)

  5. Lisa, sending prayers for your Gramma; seeing you will make her feel better, I’m sure! LOOOVE these pictures, both spring and winter, both really beautiful!

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    There’s a wonderful quote somewhere to the effect that there is no bad weather only different weather! I think that applies to the seasons as well…however, I’m ready for a different season…Spring!
    I’m keeping your Grandmother and you and your family in my prayers for the time being! Blessings!

  7. Judy(moonlightgreetings) says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful, Lisa! So sorry to hear that your Gran isn’t doing well.
    Keeping you, and her in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Virginia L. says:

    Stunning photos!! I am amazed at the early blossom in Texas. My scenery is much like in Ohio. Sending prayers and hugs your way!

  9. Blessing to you, your family and your gramma.

  10. Lisa, wonderful photos and what a contrast between the two places! I’m so sorry to hear that your Gran isn’t doing so well but it’s good that you are there with her. Hugs.

  11. lovely pictures. sorry to hear about your gran and glad that you can be there with her…

  12. Gorgeous pics Lisa – thanks for sharing. Hope all is going ok for you and your family ;)
    Take care, Ruth S

  13. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear that your Grandma is not well. I’m sure she is happy that you’re there! Sending big hugs and good thoughts to you and your family!

    And thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  14. […] the first one since I’ve  been back. I started thinking about my last walk, when I took these photos to show my Grandma. It was just a few weeks ago, yet it feels like ages and ages. I started crying […]

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