A box of love.

Look at what my aunt found while going through my Grandma’s things.

A box of all the cards I sent her over the years! (Can’t believe she saved them all.)

I tried to put some red on the cards I sent her. (Red was her favorite color.)

It’s kinda neat to see how my cardmaking has changed over time. (And how Grandma kept cards that I thought didn’t come out very good.)

Remember when House Mouse was popular? Still love these guys.

I made her a whole bunch of Texas themed cards when we first moved here.

Remember these Hero Kids? Too funny!

I love sending out Christmas cards. (Tried to come up with something fast yet clever since I usually make a bunch all the same.)

Thought I’d end with some Easter cards. (That All Night Media rabbit on the left was one of my very first stamps. I still have it!)

Sending a card really is sending love, isn’t it?


29 thoughts on “A box of love.”

  1. Love this wonderful box of treats Lisa – your grandma will have loved looking through all the cards you sent her and thinking of you. Even though you were miles apart… close in heart.
    Hugs, Ruth S x

  2. Hui Lisa! I am sure that it must have been wonderful to see that your grandmother kept all the cards! I bet she enjoyed reading them again as she added new cards to the box! And keeping them shows how special you were to her! :> Hugs!

  3. How special to see that she kept all your cards throughout the year…who wouldn’t? They are like little works of art. I especially love the Texas state Christmas card!

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