I heart coconuts.

I love coconut. (Toasted, plain, coconut milk — it’s all good.) Yum.

But I *heart* J more! Even more than the washi tape that I used to hold that piece of patterned paper on there. (And that’s really saying something.)

I was thinking of him when I made this card for the Hero Arts More Spring catalog. (It didn’t make it in there, darn. But, two other cards using the Lauderdale line did — see page 6.) The gem hearts as coconuts just totally cracked me! (There was some serious giggling going on as I put them on there.)

Anyhow, hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had hoped to get lotsa crafty stuff done, but my knee was hurting like crazy — I spent most of it with my foot propped up. It’s feeling better today, so I’m hoping to stamp some donut cards done for the Make-It + Mail-It challenge done tonight! (I’ll be really sad if I don’t get to enter my own challenge…! Der. And I really need to get a special package sent off, but it needs a card.)

Tropical hugs from Texas (where it’s supposed to be a record-setting 97 today),

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  1. Wow. . . .97 is awfully hot but I still say it’s better than our winter was this year! We’re suppose to reach 80 degrees tomorrow. . . yay! Love your adorable card, Lisa! Those heart coconuts made me giggle too! So cute! Stay cool! Hugs! :)

  2. mmm i LOVE coconut too :)) love what you did with this stamp… *still* need to ink mine up ;)

  3. LOVE!!!! I’m an island girl, so coconut anything is yummers, EXCEPT coconut shrimp…just too sweet for me! I make a mean coconut corn chowder :)

  4. Fabulous! Makes me want to go a trip somewhere tropical! :)

  5. Wow – this had me grinnin’ from ear to ear! I am such a Hawaii gal (I even wear muu muus!) and these hearts are so perfect high in the cute trees. Love the brightness of this and your card in the HA catalog – your style is so FUN! I got my adorable card today – a real treasure! How cool is that?! A Lisa original! I need to get some of that washi tape….looks so versatile. Do you have a specific source? Thanks for all you do – you brighten my day (which is not as warm as yours, btw). Hugs, mkm

    1. Hi Maureen! I pick up washi tape everywhere! Got most of mine in Tokyo, but some favorite online places (in no particular order) are: uguisu, gingko papers, paper source, happy tape, etsy, cute tape…the list goes on! I’ve also found some at Anthropologie and West Elm. :)

  6. I think I will probably melt in 97 degree weather. Really! Love your card, it is so JAMMIN’!

  7. So cute!!!!

  8. Super cute, Lisa! Reminds me of Maui. I love coconuts too. Love the heart-shaped coconuts.

  9. I adore anything coconut, too – have you had coconut ice cream? It’s my fave! LOVE your heart coconuts on this card!! We aren’t anywhere near 97 here, but we’re slowly creeping upward – to go to almost 80 on Wednesday!!!

    1. YES! I love coconut ice cream! Oh yum. :)

      1. where do you find coconut ice cream? I love coconut too. I just recently heard that there is coconut ice cream. I have never seen it!

  10. you and that card are just “two” cute! :P

    1. hee hee, thanks Pai! made me laugh :)

  11. Now I can’t get Coconut Cream Pie out of my head….mmmm! That is one fun and funky card, I’m loving those heart coconuts. Wish I could have heard all that giggling; I love it when giggles multiply!

  12. I love coconut cake, cookies etc…etc. This card is yummy Lisa:))

  13. Lemons, coconuts, cute cupcakes….I’m on a diet! You’re killing me!! lol

    I LOVE your card! Those heart coconuts are the best….I *heart* them! ;)

  14. Mmm! Cute card!! Love those heart coconuts ;)
    I’m having a washi fix right now too, and used some on one of my cards posted today. Fun!
    Thanks for your inspiration, hugs, Ruth S

  15. Sharon D from Canada says:

    What a cute card, Lisa – I love your fun heart coconuts! And I hope your knee is feeling better soon!

  16. More than Washi Tape? Oh, my! That is a LOTTA love! ;) You are too cute, my friend!

  17. Ah..now the colors on this say, ‘vacation’ all over it! Super bright and fun!

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