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my road bike

Kathy on Gingerwood said she couldn’t wait until I blogged about cycling. So I figured I better start out with my bike! That I can’t ride for 5.5 more weeks — until after my ankle is healed. Sigh. I love this bike, it’s so smooth and graceful — and it leaps into action when I want it to! I got it on Feb 22, 2005 — after a 6 month wait — and I’ve ridden it every chance I’ve had since then. It’s a 2005 Trek Madone 5.2 SL, with Speedplay X pedals and a Specialized Dolce Ti seat. Size 50 cm. And it’s light as a feather — I never weighed it, but this puppy is light!

I love cycling, it gives me time to think. If I’m trying to figure out how to do something I go for a ride and ideas just pop into my head. And there’s nothing like the feeling that you get flying along under your own power. Especially the “no chain” days — those are the days when I’m pedalling but it doesn’t seem like I have a chain — no resistance — like I’m riding a magic carpet.

And the more I ride, the more chocolate I can eat — guilt free!

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  1. Lisa I love that bike! Let’s bike together at Crawford some time.

  2. Hey George — okay I’ll bike with you at Crawford, but only if I can bend your ear about saving some Texas prairies! Oh and if I get some of those cool socks like you gave Lance.

  3. That bike is cool! You’ll be riding before you know it. Be patient and stay cheerful. I, too, love no chain days.

  4. Thanks Lisa!! I’m back from my trip and it’s beautiful to see your bike. I’m a little person so I have a Terry – and I swear I love my bike so much sometimes I want to hug it!

    Age and injury have slowed me down and I may never again be a 200m+ per week rider or a 2-3 centuries per month either – but whenever I push over a pedal I’m a happy woman.

    I hope your healing is coming along well and timely.

    Have a Happy holiday weekend,
    Kathy (rupert)

  5. Thanks Kathy! I know what you mean about wanting to hug your bike, I was in the garage checking mine over and making sure it wasn’t gathering dust, and my husband came out and said step away from the bike, it will still be there when you get better.

    Ankle is still sore but is better. Seems like it starts off pretty good in the mornings but by the end of the day it is aching. 4 weeks left until I can ride again.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  6. I was just rereading the specs on your bike – 50cm!!! You must be a giant!

    Mine is 42 1/2 cm. Like I said – I’m no Jolly Green Gaint – LOL!

    Have a happy.


  7. 42 1/2 — wow!! I think Treks might be measured differently than the norm — I’m not THAT tall — I’m 5′ 5″. I got all measured up at the bike shop and tried out some 50’s, 51’s, and 49’s, and the 50 just felt right. I also used two of the online fit calculators and they both put me at a 52 cm top tube, which the 50 cm Trek has.

    Happy riding!

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