Bicycle! Bicycle!

I’m doing the happy dance over here and I just have to share — I finally got the Two Wheeler Shirtdress from Anthropologie! I’ve had my eye on it forever. It’s no longer available on their website, but was in my size at my local store. And! The shirt was missing a button so I […]

Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy birthday little sister! Hope it’s a good one! Love ya LOTS! For full supplies, a video and more info on the card, click here. And now for a Tour update. Saturday on the first day of le Tour I was furiously stamping holiday cards while listening to the boardcast on Eurosport. Then Sunday I […]

It’s almost time for…

…le Tour DAY France, baby! WOO HOO!!!!! To help you get in the mood, you gotta check out Fatty’s blog. I’m thinking of posting about it every day to get back in the swing of blogging. I won’t be as good as Fatty, Phil, Paul, Bob and all of course. But it will be fun!  […]