Bicycle! Bicycle!

I’m doing the happy dance over here and I just have to share — I finally got the Two Wheeler Shirtdress from Anthropologie! I’ve had my eye on it forever. It’s no longer available on their website, but was in my size at my local store. And! The shirt was missing a button so I got a discount — best of all, there’s an extra button that comes in a cute little drawstring bag with it — yay!


I’ve been having dreams about it. In my dream J and I are riding bikes to a picnic and I’m wearing this dress. It was so fun! Do you ever dream about clothes? Or picnics?  :)

In my dream I was wearing the Bloch jazz oxfords. But then one of the girls there suggested the Cylindrical Braid Belt and now I think I’ll have to wear the Dr. Scholl’s Be Nice sandals instead — the mustard color on the flower matches perfectly!

Happy Fourth of July everyone in the states!

<ding! ding!>

8 Replies to “Bicycle! Bicycle!”

  1. You are too cute! :)

  2. You made me smile, Lisa!  I love dresses, too – that’s a really cute one! 

  3. Lisa, that dress is sooooo cute!   I think the oxfords shoes are a must to wear with the dress.

  4. You look very cute and spunky in the dress!

  5. When you get all dressed up, we want pictures :)

  6. What an awesome looking dress and accessories!  Glad you got the discount too, love the belt!

  7. that’s a cute dress! hope you get to have a bicycle – picnic in it soon! thanks for sharing!

  8. adorable…such a fun little ensemble! I think I need you to be my stylist, you have such a wonderful and whimsical fashion sense! You’ll have to post a photo of you in the dress. Thanks for the smile today!

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