Happy {long} weekend!

Yay! A long weekend is here! I’m hoping to have time to slow down and get caught up on things here at home. Like I did back on Memorial Day weekend when we visited friends and got to see Nash Prairie.


It’s great to slow down and savor the moments.  Seeing the same things in the morning, when everything is fresh and sparkling.


And at dusk.


And then as the sun sets, with the birds calling softly to each other.


Do you have any fun plans?  I’m going to watch the Tour de France — of course!  Do a little crafting + cooking.  Hopefully do some swimming.  Go for a bike ride.  Maybe a picnic? And start on my homework for the @Home with Claudine class that I’m taking.

Wishing you a weekend to savor,

13 thoughts on “Happy {long} weekend!”

  1. The East Liverpool All-class Reunion is this weekend and Jamie is having a co0k out on the 4th.    Monday Jamie and I are planning to do some scrapbooking.  Hope your weekend will be relaxing and fun.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, and remind me a little of Monet’s work. You know, when he’d paint the same subject at different times of the day? Lovely.

  3. Beautiful Lisa – got my sister over so hoping to do a bit of crafty shopping and a tour of the charity shops (thrift stores) before tea and cake at my cousin’s.  Hope you get to fit in all you’ve planned and ENJOY!

  4. I am hoping for some relaxing and stamping.  I am going to my niece’s birthday party on Sunday.  She is turning 14.  And of course spending some time with my hubby.  LIsa, your photos are so beautiful.  You are a great photographer.  I just recently finally bought a Sony digital camera.  I was using an old Kodak APS film camera until now.  The new camera is point and shoot, but it has so many more settings and possibilities than my old one that I would like to learn more about.  Your photos really inspire me.  Thanks!

  5. Lisa,
    You have just reminded me to sign up for Claudine’s course.  So I did!  It should be a fun journey.  I have really enjoyed your photos from down here in Sydney!
    Melinda x

  6. Love it!  I like the photos going from day time to sunset…beautiful…have a great 4th..we’ll most likely be at my mom’s – bbq’ing, eating, and lots of loud!

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