I’m a sucker for nifty packaging.


Cool packaging gets me everytime, ha ha!  Check out what I did with it here on the Hero Arts blog — I’m the featured blogger there this week.  Yay!  Love it when it’s my week.

Have you ever bought anything for the packaging?  I’d love to see.  And!  This chorizo was really yummy!  J and I gobbled it up.  If you’re vegetarian or vegan — or even if you’re not! — you gotta try this!  Yum.

Happy Monday,

4 Replies to “I’m a sucker for nifty packaging.”

  1. loved what you did w/the packaging over on the HA blog.

  2. i am big on saving this and that. clothing tags, safety pins, food packaging, tix stubs, coffee cup sleeves, maps, cereal box (have a lucky charms box front that i meant to make a st. patty’s day card with)etc….i haven’t done it in a while. must take out my tin stash of saved recyclables and see what i can do!

  3. WHat a fun card Lisa! I always love your blog week on Hero Arts!

  4. Wow, really loved your creativity. Loved the packaging!

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