Gesso-ing around!

Hi there.


Hope you’re having a fun long weekend if you’re in the states — I sure am!

I did my homework for the class that I’m taking with Claudine Hellmuth over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. So far it’s been just what I needed — fun and relaxing. It’s not too late to join in the fun — you can sign-up until July 7th.  AND!  The best part is that students will have access to the classroom *forever*.  So no worries if you’re a busy chica!

I prepped the technique recipe book that we’ll be making — was great just to slap paint on and not worry about anything. I even wiped the brush off on the part of the page that we’ll be covering up. So liberating.


Then I did the gesso etching technique above — I wanted to make something cheery, so I wrote “hi”. I’ve lived in houses with plaster walls and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to write something in them, now I know!

And then I did a gesso image transfer using this cute bicycle from Karen over at The Graphics Fairy. I’ve you’ve never seen her site you should check it out! Lotsa good stuff.


It’s amazing how well this technique works. Here’s the original image — wow!


I think I’m going to add some more things to this page — like some clouds or a sunshine.  Or something!

Okay, off to play!

8 Replies to “Gesso-ing around!”

  1. I sooo wish I was taking Claudine’s class!  Looks like too much fun! :)

  2. Everything looks great!  Love your “hi”.  :-)  And guess what sort of image I’ve printed to try the transfer technique… yep that’s right, a bicycle!  :-)  A different one than you used, though.  :-)

    1. Awesome, can’t wait to see your bicycle! :)

  3. Looks great Lisa!  Love the bike image!

  4. I hope you’ll share this book as it progresses?  Looks like fun!  And thank you so much for your prompt answer to my question about fonts this morning over at the HA blog!!  It helped a lot and I now have some new pretty fonts in my arsenal!  You’re the best, Lisa!

  5. hello…long time ago…was so busy, too…but don´t forget my good old BYW-friends…oh your course sounds so exciting and i´m looking forward for more projects of you…;)…hopefully everything is okay and i can see that you enjoy your creativity…super…so have a wonderful sunny week with lots of creative moments…and fine to be here again…cheers and hugs…i…

  6. Awesome! Looks like fun class!

  7. wow! looks like a really fun class! that bicycle transfer is beautiful!

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