over the Masi Speciale Commuter. Drool drool drool slobber drool. The backstory: I’ve been wanting a a bike for running errands for a long while now. I’ve been riding my bling bling bike, but I hate to leave it locked up anywhere for fear of it getting stolen — it’s a really sweet bike. Jason’s […]

Number 36

Hi everyone! I’ll post the cake recipe as soon as I get a chance. Have a sledload of things to do so it might not be until after the holidays. So, the party yesterday was supposed to be a HOLIDAY party — but — unknown to me — Jason told everyone it was my birthday. […]

I’m back again!

Howdy all! I’m back again, and mostly caught up with everything. No plans to go anywhere until Thanksgiving, whew. So much to tell you about the last two weeks — they’ve been super crazy busy but still fun. I thought I’d start catching up with the day before I left for Memory Trends — it […]

Happy October!

Happy October everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did — things are finally calming down a little. Friday I went to the Wildflower Center to hear a lecture on bees — learned alot! They’ve got more lectures coming up, so if you’re in the Austin area then be sure to check ’em […]

A typical bike ride

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share what a typical bike ride was like — I wanted to show that Saturday’s incident wasn’t the norm. I did a quick 15 miler and kept track of all the things to tell you about — here they are: I got a wave and a smile from the lady […]