A typical bike ride

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share what a typical bike ride was like — I wanted to show that Saturday’s incident wasn’t the norm. I did a quick 15 miler and kept track of all the things to tell you about — here they are:

  • I got a wave and a smile from the lady who always walks her baby past the park
  • Another smile and wave from a fellow biker chick
  • A good morning and a conversation about the weather from a guy on a loaded down touring bike — it was only 86, woo hoo — though that’s kinda funny when you think 86 is cool!
  • A smile and a wave through a 4-way intersection from a lady who had the right of way — I always try to make eye contact at intersections
  • A smile and a nod from a guy that I waved and smiled at who was turning onto the main road where I was — from a side street — I try to smile and wave at people on side streets to make sure they see me too
  • A groan and an “oh no” as I went flying uphill past fellow Austinite and seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong

Okay I made that last one up, but the rest are all true. Hee hee. I also got to hear the birds, see butterflies and more. What a great ride!

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  1. You have a great sense of humor!! :)

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