over the Masi Speciale Commuter. Drool drool drool slobber drool.

The backstory: I’ve been wanting a a bike for running errands for a long while now. I’ve been riding my bling bling bike, but I hate to leave it locked up anywhere for fear of it getting stolen — it’s a really sweet bike. Jason’s car is on the fritz, and it’s going to cost almost as much as what it’s worth to get it fixed — so he’s been using my car. SO, I think this is a sign. Went to the bike shop in our neighborhood last week and saw this single speed, steel, room for fenders and larger tires, retro-Italian beauty and fell in love. Thinking of ordering it this week.  Oh and I did I mention it has a lugged fork? Drool.

Family members who gave me bike money for Christmas this year and last year — I think I’m finally ready to spend it!

Edit: Added a link to the bike shop for Nora. 

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  1. It’s too pretty : someone will steal it for sure! But thát doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it ;)

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  3. I did the same thing!!

    I’ve got my unbelievable Pegoretti and that NEVER gets locked up anywhere. And I went back to school this semester and needed a bike that I was willing to lock up and to allow to take a beating. I’m guessing that you treat your Madone similar to me and my Peg – kid gloves, and lots of TLC. Now I didn’t get what you’re getting for my commuting, I just settled for a beater (aka $500) Trek mountain bike – with fenders for riding in the rain and snow. But the theory is the same.

    Is this single speed the same as fixed gear – which my husband is craving.

    I hope you get it!!


  4. A Vintage Masi!! How cool is that. For sure some one will pick it off. But still, buy it…and then get another junk bike for this and that. Thinking of you. Love, Louise

  5. Hi Kathy! The bike has a flip-flop hub so that you can ride it fixed gear or single speed. It’s the same gear, the difference is whether or not you have a freewheel. If you don’t have it in so that you have a freewheel — “fixed” mode — then you have to keep pedaling or else you stop! I may try it when I get brave…!

    Hi Louise! I’ve been thinking about you! The owner of the shop has promised to teach me every trick he knows for locking it up…!

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