Clean your computer screen.

My Dad sent me this email, had to share:

It’s really important to clean your computer screen once in a while.  Just click and it will be done for you.  Hee hee.

3 Replies to “Clean your computer screen.”

  1. This is wonderful ! I wasn’t expecting this at all ! LOL ! I’m going to pass it along to my daughter who will just love it !

    :-) Barbara

  2. Recommended to your site by Julie from Stampbox. This little scamp is so cute! I have emailed the link to family all arond the globe as I think it is well worth sharing. Also need to thank you for Identifying a stamp I have been looking for. Afriend told me a stamp was an agapanthus and all searches drew a blank. Then after looking at your blog found out that it is Real Dill. Thank you so much my search is now over..just need to buy the stamp! Love all your projects!

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