Happy October!

Happy October everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I sure did — things are finally calming down a little. Friday I went to the Wildflower Center to hear a lecture on bees — learned alot! They’ve got more lectures coming up, so if you’re in the Austin area then be sure to check ’em out. Then Saturday Jason and I went for great bike ride — The Liberty Hill Lions Club Rip Roarin’ Ride — in the “hill country” —  we only did the 28 mile option since Jason hadn’t ridden much in a while. Saw lots of wildflowers, birds, butterflies and more! Then yesterday I helped plant some grasses at Indian Grass Preserve — we worked for about 5 hours and it got hot, but sure was relaxing. Made me feel all good. Saw more wildflowers, native bees, heard a kingfisher at the lake, lots of ducks, coots, butterflies, and even an owl.

Today is my Dad’s birthday — I’m going to make him a card ASAP and post it here — have it all planned out, just haven’t had time to stamp it…

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  1. louise burns says:

    Oooo, Lisa, I LOVE the photo of your bike! And, I’m happy your ride went well. Your whole weekend sounds fab. Thanks for sharing. Love, Louise

  2. Oh! That photo gave me a stab of homesickness. Tejas is beautiful. Cycling in Tejas is heaven.

  3. There is that bike sneaking into pictures again…hee hee
    It cracks me up. I have visions of it following you.

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