The Window

The Window at Big Bend

I have some pictures from our trip to Big Bend National Park that I’d like to share, and thought I’d start with The Window — many people consider this the classic scene from Big Bend. This sunset pic was taken from a lookout by the start of the trailheads.

The Window is formed by water drainage in the Chisos Mountain Basin. When it rains water pours out of the Window forming a waterfall. Not sure how far the water falls before it hits the ground, but lets just say we were glad that a big storm didn’t come up! The rocks at the pour off have been worn so smooth that it’s very slippery — even when bone dry — so we didn’t want to risk slipping over the edge and sat down and scooted the last few yards! We were rewarded with a great view of the desert below. And what made it even more special was that we had the whole view to ourselves for about a half hour!

the pour off

The trail is well marked and is 5.2 miles round trip. Hiking to the pour off is all downhill and it’s so cool — as in temperature! — when you get down there — then you turn around and it’s all uphill on the way back. Click on either picture to make them bigger — check out Jason in the pour off pic!

3 Replies to “The Window”

  1. Pretty! The smooth stone in the window picture almost looks like water.

  2. Amazing pictures. You can feel soothing vibes by just looking at the ‘Window”, makes you feel like a spectator in the show put on by mother nature.

    Keep up your blogging, reading it has become my morning cup of chai.

  3. The memories of this hike with my Mom are some of the best of my life. Thanks for sharing yours.

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