The Window

The Window at Big Bend

I have some pictures from our trip to Big Bend National Park that I’d like to share, and thought I’d start with The Window — many people consider this the classic scene from Big Bend. This sunset pic was taken from a lookout by the start of the trailheads.

The Window is formed by water drainage in the Chisos Mountain Basin. When it rains water pours out of the Window forming a waterfall. Not sure how far the water falls before it hits the ground, but lets just say we were glad that a big storm didn’t come up! The rocks at the pour off have been worn so smooth that it’s very slippery — even when bone dry — so we didn’t want to risk slipping over the edge and sat down and scooted the last few yards! We were rewarded with a great view of the desert below. And what made it even more special was that we had the whole view to ourselves for about a half hour!

the pour off

The trail is well marked and is 5.2 miles round trip. Hiking to the pour off is all downhill and it’s so cool — as in temperature! — when you get down there — then you turn around and it’s all uphill on the way back. Click on either picture to make them bigger — check out Jason in the pour off pic!

3 thoughts on “The Window”

  1. Amazing pictures. You can feel soothing vibes by just looking at the ‘Window”, makes you feel like a spectator in the show put on by mother nature.

    Keep up your blogging, reading it has become my morning cup of chai.

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