Chimney Trail

the Chimney from afar
One day at Big Bend we decided to hike out and see the rock art at The Chimneys. It’s a 3 mile hike through the desert — mostly flat with a well marked trail. Was nice to be walking on flat ground again after the days in the mountains, it really gave us a chance to stretch our legs and cover some ground. We followed the trail and found the rock art after a little searching. It took our breath away!


We stood there and pondered it for a while. What does it mean? Maybe nothing? Maybe it’s the first city limit sign in the area? Maybe it’s just doodles? We’ll never know.

Then we wandered around the chimney and discovered many many mortar holes.


I’d read where people have inhabitated the Big Bend for
over 8,000 years, but this really brought it home. I wondered what it would be like to
have this view while you were fixing supper? I wondered how long it took to make those holes? Wonder how the ancient people made them?

We had the place to ourselves the whole time we were there. So quiet and peaceful. No sounds of traffic, airplanes or anything else! Although — Jason was amazed that he had cell phone coverage and he called Scott. Kinda sad that it worked better out in the middle of the desert than it does at home!


More pics from this area later…

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  1. Neat place! Looks hot in the desert.

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