South Rim Part 3: Heading Back

Continued from South Rim Part 2: Boot Canyon. — this is the last part in the South Rim Saga! We had just eaten lunch and packed up. The sun came out and visability was much better for our trip back — the views were incredible! We took the Boot Canyon trail to the Pinnacles trail — it had tons of neat rock formations. Saw Emory Peak — going to have to do that one someday!

We rounded a turn and got past some trees we could see the lodge about 2 or 3 miles away — look for the buildings with the brown roofs in the picture above — and we knew we were getting closer to home. You can really see why this area is called The Basin! And we were impressed with how the lodge buildings and road don’t really make an impact on the area.

Looking back up the trail we had a good view of Casa Grande — it’s the peak on the left. When you’re standing in the lodge parking lot Casa Grande looms up overhead.

All in all it was a great hike! Can’t wait to do it again. And, we proved we’re Texas hikers worth our salt!

4 Replies to “South Rim Part 3: Heading Back”

  1. Sure is a lot of open space. Where are all the houses and people?

  2. We only saw like 10 people the whole 13 miles! And it’s a “popular” hike too!!

  3. Lisa, What camera do you use? Your pictures are always so nice! I especially like how bright and detailed your card pictures appear. Thanks.


  4. Hi Jodie — I used a Leica point and shoot fixed focal length 48 mm film camera for all of the Big Bend South Rim pictures. I used a Canon digital Rebel XT for the card pictures. I got the digital for my husband but I’ve sort of taken it over, ha ha. :-) I’m a photo nut, the digital Rebel is perfect because it uses all of my old Canon lenses, and the controls are pretty much the same as my Canon film SLR Hope this helps!

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