What camera do I use?

I’ve had several emails wanting to know what camera I use — I use three cameras regularly — I’m a photo nut! Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I usually have a camera at hand!

Camera #1: I bought a Canon Rebel X SLR soon after starting my first “real” job. It was being discontinued so I got a good deal on it. Over ten years later and I still use that camera, although it has developed some quirks so now I only use it as a backup. I have an Canon Elan 7 that’s my main film camera — no eye control focus for me, that about drove me crazy when I tested it out!

Camera #2: I also have a point and shoot Leica Minilux film camera — it was also discontinued, but there is still a version with a zoom lens available. Mine has a fixed focal length 1:2.4/40 mm lens that works great in low light situations. It’s the camera I take when I don’t want to haul a bunch of stuff around on long hikes or when I go to parties — the lens is so good on it that I can take pictures indoors without the flash. I took the pictures on the South Rim trail with this one. This camera has quite a cult following and you can still find some for sale on eBay.

Camera #3: I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XT for my husband for when we went on the trip to Big Bend so that he’d stay away from my cameras — but I’ve sort of taken it over ha ha! It’s what I used to take the pictures of the cards on this site. It’s great because the controls are pretty much the same as on my Elan/older Rebel and it uses all of my old lenses! I need to get some “real” image editing software though — I’ve been using some software that came with our old scanner.

So there you have it!

I’ve been hunting for a point and shoot digital camera, so drop me a comment if you know of a good one! I’d like it to be small enough to fit in a pocket when I’m riding my bike, and not to spendy in case something should happen to it. Thanks!!

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  1. It’s still my Digital Rebel, you haven’t taken it over completely yet! And she was worried I would take over her lenses.

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