Cold front!

7:00 AM: Brrrrrrr! It’s 20 F (around -7 C) and there’s a thin layer of ice over everything! I said I wanted snow, not ice! Hard to believe it was in the 80’s a few days ago! Pics when the sun comes up if I have time before leaving for the dentist — more fun!

2:40 PM
: Zowie! Just got back from the dentist a little bit ago. There were wrecks and road closures and it was pretty nuts out there! Texans sure aren’t used to ice! Most of it has melted here at home, so no pics. Good news from the dentist though — no cavities! Woo hoo!!! Okay, going to get back to work now.

From Everyday Mysteries: Who invented the toothbrush and when was it invented?

5 Replies to “Cold front!”

  1. Cold here, too. Think it’s 10 deg with a wind chill of -6. Supposed to be in the mid to upper 50s this weekend.

  2. It was 8 F in Ohio this morning with 4-8 inches of snow predicted for tonight.

  3. How about if you take this ice and we’ll take the snow? Supposed to set a record low of 15 tonight — we’ll see!

    Keep warm everyone!

  4. It is snowing in Ohio tonight. It is coming down pretty good. The roads might be bad for my trip to work in the morning.

  5. Cool, learnt something about a thing we use everyday (the toothbrush). In India too, people in villages still prefer chewing on some sort of stick instead of using a toothbrush.

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