De-stressing take 2!


No you’re not seeing things — this is the same card as yesterday!

Went to re-take the the pic since it was all gloomy yesterday and I thought it needed a little something, so I sewed the bells to the top — thanks again for the bells Janani!!! Also noticed the saying wasn’t centered so I stamped the saying again on the edges. Ta da!

I think the distressing powder would be neat to use for gingerbread cookie stamps — too bad I don’t have any — yet! It would also be neat to use on a beach scene for sand.

2 thoughts on “De-stressing take 2!”

  1. I love both versions Lisa ! You are so full of inspiration ! Now I just need to get this room clean and ask my new puppy to kindly stop chewing on my paper scraps and I will be all set !

    :-) Barbara

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