Hero Arts 2006 Catalog Debut!!

It’s here!!!!

I was on vacation visiting my family in Ohio in July when I got a call from someone at Hero Arts asking if I’d like to make cards for the 2006 Hero Arts catalog! Would I ever! This was a dream come true for me. My family was all excited for me too!

I made cards from July to October — made the last card the day before we left for our trip to Big Bend. It was fun and crazy busy all at the same time!

I made so many cards — lost track of how many exactly — but these are my favorites!

These are my favorites because they have my Dad, my sister Chris, and my brother-in-law Matt in them!

As soon as I was given the assignment to work on these wedding stamps a bunch of ideas started popping in my head — one of them was to use pictures I took at my sister’s wedding! So I talked to Chris and asked if it would be okay to use the pictures — she agreed, and here are the results!

As always on my blog, you can click on a picture to make it larger.

Hope this doesn’t sound too mushy, but I’m so glad I got to work on the catalog — and it was really something to get to hold it in my hands knowing the work that went into it! And everyone I worked with at Hero Arts was really great — what a special bunch of people.

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

15 Replies to “Hero Arts 2006 Catalog Debut!!”

  1. Since I’m one of your biggest supporters, I knew you would do a great job and you did. These cards are great. Can’t wait to check out the rest of the catalog.

  2. I can’t wait to see the cards you made for the HA catalog!
    I have been a fan of your work for a long time. Congratulations!!!


  3. These are some of my favorites too ! I can’t wait to see ALL of your beautiful work in the catalog ! Congratulations to a wonderful friend ! :-)


  4. Thanks!!!! I can’t wait for everyone to see it — especially my family — I’ve been torturing them with tales of what I was working on — that they couldn’t see — for a long time now!!

  5. Beautiful … Awesome … Fabulous work!!! Congratulations to you on being published in the HA catalog. What an honor that must have been for you to receive that call! Thanks for sharing your work … from one of your newest fans! :)

  6. Beautiful!

  7. krystn @ mostly hearts says:

    SO nice! … love the combination of subtle colors, different textures and patterns … creates such a nice look …

  8. You did a great job, then you always do a great job. We are PROUD of you.

  9. Awesome cards! I’m really proud of you too! Hero Artist!

  10. Ann in IL - Gingerwood says:

    Lisa, I have had your first site bookmarked ever since I found out about it through Gingerwood message board. Your work is so outstanding! But the thing that comes across — even the internet! — is your ENTHUSIASM for your work, your hobbies, your life! You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for doing a blog so we can share in your joys!

  11. GREAT JOB, AGAIN!!! “little sister” love you lots, thanks for making Daddy and I famous :0) You’re Awesome.

  12. Your work is just so inspiring..I check the blog everyday hoping for MORE!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Happy Birthday Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you are having a wonderful , fabulous day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :-) Barbara

  14. I am going to order my catalog today, your cards are beautiful!

  15. I love this catalog! I think I’ve looked at it a hundred times since I got it. Congratulations!

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