Yesterday was my birthday!

Yesterday was fun — Jason and I went Christmas shopping — we both hate shopping — ugh — but it’s more fun when we do it together. I love buying presents for people though — I like giving presents better then getting them! Jason took me out to eat too — yum!

Had phone calls from everyone and lots of — ah hem — “singing” from my sister too!

Then last night we watched Polar Express — what a great movie! I had just finished a cup of hot chocolate when the “hot chocolate” song came on — ha ha!

Thanks so much everyone for your comments on the catalog! What a great birthday present they all were!!

3 Replies to “Yesterday was my birthday!”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice birthday !

    :-) Barbara

  2. Happy Happy Birthday. Sent you lots of telepathic wishes yesterday, hope you received it. I second what someone else said in their comments, your enthusiasm for what you do, what you believe in and your general outlook on life is very refreshing. I am fortunate to have the to opportunity to know you.

  3. Hi Janani! I got your telepathic wishes — that must be why everything went so well yesterday! I’m glad to know you too — you make work fun!

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