Save the Austin Prairies!

The last public hearing of the City of Austin’s Bond Election Advisory Committee was Thurs evening at 7 PM — Jason and I went to City Hall and we each spoke in favor of using open space bond money to create prairie parks. Several other folks came out and spoke in favor of preserving Austin’s few remaining prairies too! There’s still time to make a comment in support of using open space bond money to preserve prairies! Just click on this link!

This was the second bond committee meeting that we attended (we also went to one in October) and it is always interesting to hear all of the different issues and the passion that people have for them. And it makes me appreciate what a great city Austin is and how proud I am to live here!

One Reply to “Save the Austin Prairies!”

  1. Go Prairie! We’ve only found about 1500 acres left in the Austin area. They should all be protected.

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