Merry Christmas!

No this post isn’t a leftover from back in December! January 7th is Russian Orthodox Christmas. The Russian Orthodox church follows the Julian calendar that was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BC instead of the Gregorian calendar which was decreed by Pope Gregory XIII on 24 February 1582. So today is Russian Orthodox Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

When I was growing up we celebrated both Christmases — a kid’s dream come true! Nowdays Jason and I mainly celebrate “regular” Christmas with family, but I always leave our tree and decorations up until Russian Christmas. I tell everyone who worries about leaving their decorations up late not to feel guilty about it — be happy and celebrate with me!

A note about this ornament — I made it from salt clay when Jason and I had our first tree 12 years ago! We have a bunch of star ornaments on our tree that we made that first Christmas together plus we’ve collected more over the years. We also have moons and ornaments that look like the globe, plus all the ornaments that friends and family have given us through the years. I love our tree!

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  1. Your star-pair ornament is adorable! I haven’t taken down our tree yet either! We’re not Orthodox, I just love how it looks!

  2. Cute ornament! Happy Holidays!

  3. Your post made me smile Lisa ! Marc and I made dough ornaments for our first Christmas 13 years ago and I still hang them up every year .I remember being so proud of our creations .We made them as presents for all of our family ! I wonder if they still have them ? LOL ! I used a heavy duty (oil based) varnish on them and they have yellowed nicely over the years .
    BTW, our tree is still up too . :-)


  4. Too funny! I varnished ours too. I put gliter in the dough when I made them but it melted in the oven, I bet that’s helped preserve them too, ha ha!

  5. cute ornaments! Merry Christmas!

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