Paper Place!

I got to go to Paper Place today — an awesome Austin stationary store! I usually only make it there once a year, so when I do get to go I stock up! They have cardstock by the pound, tons of cool blank books, photo albums, stationary, and more! Got some paper and some way cool ribbon — check out the ones with the asterisks — I think they’ll go well with the new asterisk Hero Arts stamps!

Work has been crazy lately so I haven’t had time to stamp — hope to have time this weekend!

4 Replies to “Paper Place!”

  1. Have fun with your new stuff!

  2. sounds like a good day. I love the asterisk stamp and ribbon.

  3. Love your paper stash that you got.

    I got mine a couple of weeks back from my local suppliers. It’s like heaven isn’t it? All this paper.

  4. That is quite a haul of paper you got there!

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