The hat!


My Dad sent me an awesome hat to wear under my cycling helmet, and I told him I’d have Jason take a picture of me wearing it so that he could see it — so here it is! This hat rocks, it comes down over your ears and everything! While we were at it, we took a picture of me in my new sunglasses too — do I look like a pro or what, ha ha!

I had a great ride — must have been the hat! Rode for 50 minutes and my ankle didn’t hurt until then end, and then it was just a twiggly pain — my longest ride yet since I’ve been allowed to ride! Thanks again Daddy!

Oh and since this is a cycling post, if you’ve read this far you may enjoy reading Universal Signs — ha ha!!

6 Replies to “The hat!”

  1. Quite a cute cycler I see in those pictures! ;-)

  2. Hat looks great,I will print it and take it to Granny.

  3. Thanks! You’ll have to tell me what she says!

  4. Great picture Lisa !


  5. Louise Burns says:

    I love your hat! And, this is scary…I have a shirt just like that! You look pretty a real cyclist. And in January. I am wondering if the Barbara who “comments” is Barbara Hache. I love her work.

  6. Yep that is Barbara Hache! I love her work too, she always comes up with great ideas!

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