Keeping a color journal?

Anybody else out there besides me who keeps a color journal? I’ve been keeping one for years — I clip out pictures from magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc and then try to match up the colors with my colored pencils, inks, watercolors — you name it! Would anyone be interested in seeing a page of my journal?

Any color trends you’ve noticed this year? I’ve been seeing lots of pink, lime green, cyan, mossy green, browns, oranges, and reds!

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  1. Marcia Dublin says:

    I’d love to see a page of your journal. For about a year now I’ve been watching one of our local news channels to see news as well as the color combos they use on their intros. I wish I could duplicate them. Whoever does their artwork/graphics is good. A journal sure would save money when I go into the paint area of the craft store. Probably would save getting paint that I really don’t want as well as help coordinate paper colors. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. i save magazine pictures that appeal to me. they could be nice compositions, typography, color combos, quotations, etc. i went to art school several years ago and i have continued to keep a journal of images that inspire me ever since.

    I really like the color combinations of Amy Butler fabric and the colors on the Everyday Food magazines.

    I finally got the 2006 Hero Arts catalog and I love seeing all of your great creations in there, thanks for your inspiration!


  3. would love to see you journal pages-looks like alot of “melon” colors are coming in. And a combo i am attracted to lately is Teal and Red-gotta make a card with that combo!

  4. Yes, please post.

  5. Inky Fingers in MI says:

    Thank you for sharing your color journal. I’m going to start one immediately! I always seem to forget the color combinations I see that catch my eye, but with a color journal I will never be at a loss!
    Thanks again.

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