Color journal!

Here’s one of my current favorite color journal pages! The pictures are from the latest Crate & Barrel catalog — wouldn’t you just love to sit at that table and share a cup of tea with a friend? The colors are so happy and cheerful!

I played around with VersaColor ink to figure out the colors in the pictures — they are: royal blue, cyan, orange, scarlet, split pea, bamboo, topaz, marigold and canary!

9 Replies to “Color journal!”

  1. What a fabulous idea – and so much more effective than ripped up pages jammed into a manila file…

    Where did you find this blank journal?

  2. Oh beautiful Lisa ! You always have the best ideas !


  3. Marcia Dublin says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Is that a Moleskine book?

  4. Yep it is a large Moleskine sketch book! I love it so far — the pages are nice and heavy and the elastic band helps to keep it closed. My other color journals had really thin pages and some inks and all watercolors would leak through and make a mess!

    I purchased it directly from Moleskine. Check out their site, they have a neat history!

  5. What a cool idea! And I totally agree, those colors are fabulous. I’m hoping your next post will show a card using those VC inks. :)

  6. very very cool-gonna have to try this!

  7. Thank you for posting your color journal.

  8. Keeping a color journal is a great idea. Inspiration can come from the most unanticipated places.

  9. The idea of a color journal really facinates me. I save idea in boxes and files….oh for more hours in a day!
    I think I am going to try to do one somehow.

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