Go George!

Anyone else out there following the Tour of California? If so you know that George Hincapie won yesterday’s stage and took the leader’s jersey from Levi Leipheimer. Wish they could all win — but I guess we’ll know more today after the individual time trial. This is a huge deal for American cycling — lots of big names are in the Tour. Anyone from California lucky enough to see a stage in person?

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  1. Hi Lisa –

    I’ve been following the daily events at Velonews – and although I can’t see any of the stages in person I have done some riding on the route myself. Beautiful, hard, and those drop-offs on Hwy. 1 are exhilarating to say the least! Okay – actually petrifying!

    Here’s a link to a ride my husband and I are doing later this year: http://www.tailwinds-tours.com/pages/754445/index.htm

    And a link to a ride I’m hoping to volunteer on: http://bicycletourcolorado.com/

    Ain’t life on a bike grand?


  2. Oh wow Kathy, that tour in Utah looks awesome! And the Colorado tour looks grand too!

    I’ve been recording the shows off of ESPN2 — after you zip through the commercials there’s about 20 minutes of racing, but it’s better than nothing. The pros keep going on about how it’s “early in the season” and yet they seem to be smoking the domestic teams. Yowza.

    Some of those drop-offs on Hwy 1 did look harrowing! Ack! They were going pretty fast at that point too.

    The ankle is still bothering me but it’s getting better — I can ride 40 minutes now before it starts to twinge, so hopefully it will be completely better in a few more months. I want to do a bunch of riding before it gets too hot. I still ride when it’s hot, but it’s more exhausting then. Plus you really have to worry about not getting dehydrated.

    Yep, life on a bike is grand!

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