A star is born!

Check out the card of the week on the Hero Arts website!

I made it for the Spring Catalog thinking of my sister-in-law’s baby Colin who was born on Jason’s birthday! The Spring Catalog should be at your local stamp store soon — you’ve got to check it out! And I think it may be online somewhere too — does anyone have a link to share? Sarah sent me one but I’ve lost it.

These are all new stamps for spring — I love all the new alphabets!!! And the new stitched stamps are way cool too! The stitched stamps were actually made from real sewing. LOVE them ALL!

A good trick to know is that if you pierce the paper with a pin you can make the stitches look even more real — too cool! I like to use a heavy needle to do it, that way the holes are bigger.

In other news, I went for physical therapy at 7 AM this morning and it was raining cats and dogs — by the time I came out it was raining even more and there were accidents and traffic lights not working. It took me 45 minutes to drive the 2 miles from PT to work! Be safe out there!

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  1. Way cool card! Did you stamp the words or computer generate them? Thanks for the idea about piercing the dots. I have the triple stitched heart and you’ve just given me a great idea!Congrats again for being published on the Hero Arts web site! I found the Spring Hero Arts stamps on Stampin’ Treasures web site (sorry don’t know how to post a link).

  2. Hi Ann — the “a star is born” was done with the Delightful Lowercase Letters set, and “{Colin}” was done with the Sunny Lowercase Letters set. Love both of these alphabets!

    I couldn’t find the stamps on Stampin’ Tresures website, but if you put it in Google it comes right up.

    I did find the new stamps at Stamping Online.

    Note that I’m not affiliated with either company and have never ordered from either.

    The Spring Catalog is awesome to look at — can’t wait until Hero Arts puts it up for download on their website! I’ll post a link when they do!

    — Lisa

  3. Hey, Lisa! Awesome card!

    Great, now I need to add an alphabet to my list of MUST HAVES!

    Here is the link to the Spring Catalog and preorders on Stampin’ Treasures:


    (I am not affiliated with them in any way. My friend, Amy, orders from them, though!)

  4. Thanks Sarah!!

    The Stampin’ Treasures site has some card samples to look at too!

    — Lisa

  5. Hi Lisa, I just love this card!!! I have a question though. In the directions you say to color with watercolor and then emboss with clear powder. How does this work? i have only embossed with pigment ink or something like versamark. How do you get the powder to stick? I love your work and appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks, Janet

  6. Hi Janet — add watercolor directly to the stamp with a brush, and then mist and stamp. Sprinkle on the embossing powder before it has a chance to dry and then emboss as usual. The embossing powder makes the stitches really pop!

    If you check out the Watercolor Crayons: Part 1 tutorial it’s almost exactly the same, execpt you paint on the watercolor with a brush instead of the crayon.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Hafta LOL! I avoid sewing like the plague! But, sure love duplicating the “look” with rubbah!!!!! This is such a sweet design!

    And, you’re so right–piercing the paper with a needle really does make it look authentic! Folks will touch it and be astonished it’s faux!!!! Faux is fabulous, ain’t it?! ;^)

  8. Love this card. My first grand-nephew was born this morning. Will try the star is born theme. and simulated stitches.

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