Today Jason and I went on a Native Plant Society of Texas field trip to Purola — Bob and Sirpa Harms’ property in Dripping Springs, TX. Purola means “place with a stream”.

Signs of spring were everywhere, and there were so many shades of green it was unbelievable. From left to right, this picture shows bald cypress, live oak, and juniper.

Other cool plants we saw were 4 different orchids (none blooming), perennial paintbrush — see next photo — Texas madrones blooming, barberry, agarita, lots of good grasses including little bluestem, seep muhly, hairy grama, tall gramma, curly mesquite, poverty dropseed and more!

In the critter department we saw hummingbirds, monarchs, hawks, cedar waxwings, anoles — the list could go on and on!

The property is on Deadman’s Creek, 2 miles above Deadman’s Hole — if you’re a Lance Armstrong fan you’ll recognize that name.

And on the way out I found fossils of some ancient bivalves — still have to look them up! Bob let me have them, he said he has buckets of ’em. Woo hoo!

Many thanks to Bob, Sirpa, and Kirsti for the field trip! And best of all, my ankle made it without too much of a problem — especially after Sirpa gave me some Advil, ha ha.

What a great day!

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  1. Had lots of fun, we saw lots of cool plants. Oooo, Texas Barberry and Texas Madrone.

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