What a weekend!

Saturday was the big Spring Gardening Festival at the Wildflower Center — Jason and I volunteered at the Native Plant Society of Texas booth and the Native Prairie Association of Texas booth. I left the festival to go for a quick bike ride on the Veloway — it was my first time riding on it and I only had time for 10 miles but boy was it fun! Then we spent Saturday evening recovering.Sunday was house chores and I got to watch a bit of Paris-Roubaix — a classic bike race. Poor George.

Was hoping to make some Easter cards but ran out of time — hopefully I’ll have time tonight after work!

4 Replies to “What a weekend!”

  1. Looks like you had nice weather. It was cold and windy here on Saturday.

  2. Oh it was windy here too — some of the plants kept blowing over at the sale! Yikes! Luckily the tents were well tied down this year — one year they were really flapping around! It started out in the 70’s both mornings but warmed up to the high 80’s so that part was nice!

  3. Had fun! I got sun burned, of course.

  4. Pooee! I’m sorry that we missed this but um it’s a bit far now, eh ? We went to the Ontario Horticultural Society’s event for Earth Day here in Ottawa yesterday (22nd) and I bought a cute houseplant with a name that sounds like Streptocochus ;) They had no native plants though!! They also had a cactus display and a poster saying that the common cactus can withstand the winter here.Can you believe it ?

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