What a weekend!

Saturday was the big Spring Gardening Festival at the Wildflower Center — Jason and I volunteered at the Native Plant Society of Texas booth and the Native Prairie Association of Texas booth. I left the festival to go for a quick bike ride on the Veloway — it was my first time riding on it and I only had time for 10 miles but boy was it fun! Then we spent Saturday evening recovering.Sunday was house chores and I got to watch a bit of Paris-Roubaix — a classic bike race. Poor George.

Was hoping to make some Easter cards but ran out of time — hopefully I’ll have time tonight after work!

4 thoughts on “What a weekend!”

  1. Oh it was windy here too — some of the plants kept blowing over at the sale! Yikes! Luckily the tents were well tied down this year — one year they were really flapping around! It started out in the 70’s both mornings but warmed up to the high 80’s so that part was nice!

  2. Pooee! I’m sorry that we missed this but um it’s a bit far now, eh ? We went to the Ontario Horticultural Society’s event for Earth Day here in Ottawa yesterday (22nd) and I bought a cute houseplant with a name that sounds like Streptocochus ;) They had no native plants though!! They also had a cactus display and a poster saying that the common cactus can withstand the winter here.Can you believe it ?

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