Lunch at Chuy’s!

Had lunch at Chuy’s today with most of my department — I’m the first female on the left in the blue polo shirt. You can click on the picture to make it larger, but it’s much larger — 6 megapixels. And yup, that’s a giant goldfish with sunglasses on behind us!

A bit of Chuy’s trivia: There are 3 Chuy’s restaurants in Austin and I’ve eaten at them all — this picture was taken at the one on Lamar. If you’re a Lance Armstrong fan then you’ll know that Chuy’s is his favorite restuarant (at least when he’s in Austin!). Not sure which one he frequents the most, but all are muy bueno! Chuy’s isn’t a chain, but they’ve been expanding their locations lately and now there’s one in Round Rock, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio! GO CHUY’S!

3 Replies to “Lunch at Chuy’s!”

  1. I hope you had fun. I know you had a good lunch.

  2. Yep, had lots of fun!

    Just ate the leftovers for lunch today — yum!

  3. Did you get any T shirts?

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