Ankle Update!

Went to the doctor’s yesterday, and he said that I’ve got just about all of my movement back, so no more physical therapy! YAY!!! I still have to do my exercises at home and wear the brace, but this is great! He wants to see me again in 3 weeks if the pain isn’t gone by then. Only other thing is that my left calf is 2 cm smaller than my right, so gotta build it back up. But I’m so happy!!!!

Now to make a card for the gals at physical therapy, they helped so much!

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  1. Yipee!! Really happy your ankle is doing so much better.

  2. Thanks! It’s still really hurting though — I have ice on it as I type this! But it’s good to know that the pain will hopefully be over soon!

  3. Hi Lisa –

    I’m so happy for you that your ankle is finally showing such great improvement.

    How goes the biking?

    I’ve had my own troubles with a herniated disc and sciatica – but therapy is improving me too and I’ll be back in the saddle on Friday. Yipppeee for us both!!

    Do I remember that you have a Trek Madone? What do you think of it?

    I’m ordering a custom frame in the fall (probably a Pegoretti Wild Woman Don’t Get The Blues from Italy) – can’t wait!!!

    Many happy miles to you –

  4. Lisa,

    So glad to hear that your ankle is on the mend … you must be so anxious to be back at 100% function! Hang in there! :)

  5. Hi Kathy!

    Yep, I’m the happy owner of a Trek Madone 5.2 SL! I love this bike, wouldn’t trade it for any bike in the world — it’s the first bike I ever felt really “connected” with, like it was part of me. So awesome to ride!

    Haven’t been able to ride as much as I like — flats are okay, but hills make my ankle hurt. It’s better than it was though, so I’m just hanging in there.

    Wild Woman — like the sound of that! And a Pegoretti from Italy, we don’t see many of those ’round here.

    Happy miles to you too!

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