6 Replies to “Card from the CK ad is up!”

  1. Lori Mercer says:

    Lisa this is really cool. I also saw the ad in creating keepsakes. Are you working for them now? I haven’t heard from you since my last email. Let me know what’s going on.

  2. Cynthia Michener says:

    Hi. I have always enjoyed reading your blog and your handmade cards using a lot of Hero Arts. Yes, I do need an inspiration for LL126 Graphic Patterns stamp. I bought it from Scraftbook Unlimited a couple of weeks ago. I would like to see that on a scrapbook layout and card. have a good day! ;o)

  3. Hi Cynthia! I have a card started with LL126 Graphic Patterns — will have to finish it up and post it here! I think the technique I’m using on the card will work for a scrapbook page too.

  4. Even prettier up close.

    Hey–wanted to let you know: I dedicated a card to you on my blog today. :) Hope you like it!

  5. Hi Nicole, I just checked out your blog and I’m honored! Thanks so much!!! :-)

    Lori, I’m sending you a long email — yep I work for Hero Arts! Too cool that you saw the ad!

  6. Hey Lisa! I’ve just been exploring your blog, and love your stitched card! I have just been bitten by the Hero Arts bug, and have ordered a ton of stamps from them. Look for some of my upcoming Hero creations on my blog at http://moondaughtersmusings.blogspot.com

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