More on the Color Journal!

Here’s a look at some typical pages in my color journal. My process goes like this — if I see something in a magazine or catalog that I like I rip the page out, cut it up, paste it in, and then use stamps and inks to explore the different colors. I love doing this — it’s fun and relaxing at the same time! Then if I need a cool new color combo I just flip through my book and — viola!

Hope this gives you an idea of what my journal is like — let me know if you find this helpful and I can post more pages from time to time!

11 Replies to “More on the Color Journal!”

  1. Love the photograph of the color journal … wish I could learn how to take photographs like you do!

    You sure are creative.

  2. WOW! *uber* cool!

  3. Amazing stuff, Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing. I’d *love* to have more sneak peaks! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your journal. Am getting inspired.

  5. Such a neat idea…

  6. very fun journal-would love to see more since I’m just too unorganized to actually do one!

  7. I just love looking at photos of your color journal! You must have every ink ever made — you match ’em so well! I really like the idea of a color journal too, but have not done one…yet! Your cards are originals. So glad you are willing to share!

  8. Debbie Rudesill says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I love all of your artwork. I have been purusing your site for probably a year now. Your colors, ideas and writing/presentation skills are fantastic. You are listed in “my favorites” so I always have something happy to go to.

    Here’s a non-stamping question:
    Could you please tell me what catalog or company the colorful rainboots in your color journal are from? My daughter would love them.

    A sincere thanks also for all you share so cheerily with the rest of us!

  9. Hi Debbie!

    The boots are from LL Bean — if you go to and search for
    wellie boot
    you’ll find them.

    I think they’re so cute but don’t own a pair — yet anyhow! Let me know if your daughter buys some and likes them.

    And thanks for looking at my blog, it’s really fun to do and getting comments from people like you makes it even better!

    Happy first day of summer!

  10. I’d love some more pics of your art journal. I’ve started stamping and scrapbooking this year, have fallen totally in love with it, and have just begun an art jounal. I really don’t think I’m an artist at all, but I really enjoy colour and being creative…LOL, I guess that’s what being an artist is all about.

    Love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  11. Lisa, I love your ideas and your videos on Hero Arts and I am thrilled to find your blog. Hero Arts are a faverite of mine and since the switchero between you and Julie I have also enjoyed “A Muse” stamps.
    I love stamping and I am going to make a simple journal book.

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