Stamps, the ankle, bikes, and geishas…

So I got an email from my friend Nora yesterday asking if I was still riding since she hadn’t seen any posts about my bike since Easter! (Hi Nora!) Thought I’d update everyone on what’s been going on — went to the doctor’s on Tuesday and listen to this — my injured ankle has more movement than my good one! Only thing is, it still hurts. And my left calf is still much smaller than my right. So he told me to ride my bike for at least an hour every day in easy gears. Hey, any excuse to ride my bike is fine with me!

So yesterday something really funny happened – you know how you get that feeling someone is watching you? Well I was cruising along and I looked up and there was a young dude getting his mail — I smiled at him and he dropped ALL his mail — my Sayuri moment! Made my day! Guess with the helmet and glasses he couldn’t tell I’m probably about 15 years older than him, ha! Told Jason — he said he better watch out! Ha ha!

So that brings me to stamps! Thought I’d share my bike collection! Much cheaper then owning this many bikes — not that I would mind! If you know of any other cycling related stamps let me know. From front to back, the stamps are by A Muse, picture show (got this one at Paper Source in Berkeley!), Hero Arts (my first cycling stamp, from 2001!), A Muse, Great Impressions (got this one at Inky Fingers in Ohio!), and A Muse again!

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  1. Janani Janakiraman says:

    Ha ha. Thanks for the chuckle! Amazing how you combined the bike, your ankle, stamps and your Sayuri moment. You know what, someone should make a stamp showing an ankle on a bike pedal, you can use that stamp to make get well cards for bikers!! Enjoy your day.

  2. Hey that’s a good idea! Maybe with a band-aid on the ankle, ha!

  3. Heehee! Glad to hear you’re on the saddle again. Must feel great after so long, eh?

  4. Carl White says:

    When you ride your bike only make left turns that way your left calf can catch up with your right one. ha have a good day. And stay away from those young guys.

  5. Hi Nora!  Yeah, it’s really great to be back on the bike more.  I’ve been riding off and on (when it didn’t hurt too much) and going for long walks the other days. But I really missed my bike!

  6. hey Lisa,
    too cute!
    I collect scooters because of my youngest son’s (16) nickname.
    I’ll have to search my stash to see if I have anything for you. :o)

  7. Congrats on the doctors orders to ride!! Best prescription I’ve ever heard of.

    I have a bunch of bicycling images but they may be different than your taste! but here goes:

    Off the top of my head I know that I have a lovely image of cyclists in Paris from Anima Designs: I”m trying a link here:

    I also have a vintage bike stamp from Art Impressions.

    And here’s an attempt to link to a very groovy Cherry Pie stamp of Salvador Dali style cyclists:

    And a weird Edward Gorey bicycling scene:

    And last but not least, it’s not a rubber stamp, but I have printed images off the internet from the The Triplets of Belleville and used them on cards.

    If I come across any more in my stash I’ll let you know.


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