Go Levi!

Yay for Levi! He won the 58th Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré!!! July is going to be very interesting indeed!

This photo was taken on the Tour of California route — the Tour had been over for 2 months when I took the picture, but the writing was still on the road and for me, the excitement was still in the air! The writing actually says “nice legs Levi” and someone had drawn a pair of legs, but I couldn’t fit it all in the picture! This was from the stage from Martinez to San Jose — another time Levi was wearing the yellow jersey! Thanks again to Tom and Louise for taking me to see the route, it was so beautiful!

2 Replies to “Go Levi!”

  1. Louise Burns says:

    I cheer for Levi every time I ride that hill (which is often). And, it makes me happy to know you and Jason have been there to see the fun writing on the road. It’s still there! For sure the TdF is wide open now. July will be fun and it’s not too far away.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Have you checked out the Graceful Envelope Contest winners? Fabulous!


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