X Marks the Spot

I’m so excited, the technique article that some of the Hero Artists worked on together is up on the Hero Arts website!

Check it out and let me know what you think — I had a ton of fun working on it and it was so neat seeing what everyone came up with. You’ve got to check out Shari’s “Q”, Barbara’s “R”, and Jennifer’s “U” too, love them! Love them all, really!

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  1. These are fabulous! I bought a package of ‘e’s the other day because my daughter’s name begins with that letter. THought I would experiment with them and now I have some great ideas! I especially like the ‘i’ one for a wedding card!

  2. Those are all great! I especially like your “i do”! And Barbara’s crayon resist “h” and beach scene “n”! There are so many fun ways to use those letters!

  3. Lisa


    What an amazing undertaking to have special techniques for each letter. HA used to send a newsletter out when new things were posted to the web but they stopped doing so and I miss it. If it hadn;t been for your blog mention, I probably would not have seen it.

  4. Hi Judi!

    Funny that you should mention the HA newsletter, because guess what else I’ve been working on the past few days? Watch your inbox!


  5. LOVED it- I printed it to keep in the Shop-what a great selling tool! And I’m pretty darn excited about the all the snowflakes in the new catalogs too-the chipboards are too perfect-those are gonna be hanging from the ceiling all over the Shop!!

  6. Well, GET OUT!!! That was so much fun to go peek at all the alphas dressed up in their finest!!! I don’t have any chipboard letters yet, but I can see now, I better get me some!!! Great stuff– so enjoyable!

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