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  1. Ingeborg Schildkamp says:

    Hi Lisa,
    so glad that the HA newsletter is back. Will you be writing it every month now???
    I like the technique article as well and it made me order the whole alphabet online. At first I had planned to wait and get them when I travel to the States in october – but that’s too long of a wait now !!! Now I am anxiously waiting for my package to arrive!!!
    Have a nice week-end!!!

  2. Hi Ingeborg!

    Yep, I’ll be writing the newsletter every month now! It will be coming out mid-month…!

    Too cool on the alphabet!!! I just know you’ll love the letters, they are so fun!

    Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Love the HA newsletter. Is there a way I can get the newsletters via email or do I just check the HA site around the middle of the month?

  4. Hi Janani,

    If you join the Hero Club (it’s free!) you will get an email when the newsletter comes out. I should put that in there eh? Thanks for the idea!

    — Lisa

  5. Added info on how to join the Hero Club at the bottom of the newsletter — here’s the link if you are interested:

    Sign up for the newsletter here!

  6. Great newsletter! But, then, the Hero Arts site is one of my “destination spots” at least 3 times a week! I just started stamping a year ago and I can’t begin to tell you what loving those stamps has done to my creative spirit…not to mention my budget (but who cares about the second part!) I love the new Letters for Stamping. I’ll have to do all my shopping online now that the only store in our area that carried your stamps has closed. :-( But where there is a will, there is a way! Keep up the great work!

  7. Great newsletter Lisa. I had been missing seeing it in my e-mail box!

    I have a favor to ask. Do you have a card using the Textured Heart (E3818)? I would love to see a sample of this . . .I need some inspiration.

    Thanks Lisa!


  8. hey Lisa- I heard a rumor that hero was coming out with some Clear stamps soon-is it true??

  9. Hi Mary!

    Yep, Hero is going to have some clear stamps — the prototypes were shown at CHA — they will start shipping towards the end of September. I can’t say anything more at this time, but will let you know as soon as I can.

    And no worries, Hero Arts will still have awesome rubber stamps as well!


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