The cake.

Here it is, all ready for the party. I only make this cake once or twice a year — this is the first time for 2006. It’s got chocolate fudge, mini chocolate chips, and baking chocolate inside. The mini chips all melt into the batter and create tiny pockets of chocolate. Melted white and semi-sweet chocolate on top. Yum. Okay, off to bed I go — sweet dreams!

8 Replies to “The cake.”

  1. Ingeborg Schildkamp says:

    Are you going to share this recipe????? I would just love to try to make it.

  2. I 2nd that request, my DH would love that cake, pretty please share the recipe!!

  3. Hey that’s not fair to make people look and not be able to taste!!!
    I think that cake needs some candle’s for someone’s birthday.
    29 right???

  4. You can’t post a yummy photo like this and not share the recipe!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday. Say, was that cake for your birthday party?

  6. Looks very yummy!

  7. The cake looks delicious! Please share the recipe!!!

  8. That cake was for her birthday party. We could have never bought/made one that good if we tried for 100 years. She never knew :-).

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