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More ice.

Woke up this morning to more ice — wow! Just had to take some pictures to share.

Here’s the kitchen table — that’s a rose bush right outside the window. You can see the oak trees are all coated in ice and are leaning over the back fence.

Some Lindheimer Senna seedpods:

Switch grass:

It was so quiet and peaceful out — only sounds were the icicles dripping, ice cracking, and a blue jay squawking — he landed in the cedar elm, looked around a few times and then started squawking — he was probably wondering what was going on — we don’t get weather like this very often!

More freezing rain is on the way today, keep your fingers crossed that the power stays on. Right now there are 6,000 people without power. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 38 and then Friday will be in the 40’s so it should all be gone by the weekend. It’s 30 out right now. Brr. Time for another hot chocolate!

Lunchtime update — no more ice so far — and things are melting a bit. Hacho miso soup with extra sprinkles of shichimi togarashi along with mountain jasmine tea hit the spot. And ginger snaps for dessert. Keep warm!

8 thoughts on “More ice.”

  1. I am glad you still have power!!! That ice storm is supposed to hit
    Atlanta tonight. They started to cancel flights already. Boo.

    Did you find an onion yet??

  2. Lisa…these are art photos. Each picture tells a story about your ice storm. So beautiful! Nature can put on some wonderful shows. Thanks for sharing and not whining!

  3. Very cool pics! I did a few and nearly froze my toes. Much better now with a cup of peppermint tea in me. I’ll send you one pic I like in particular. I’m calling it “Frozen in Flight”. You’ll love it.
    I’ll send it to the plant gang so everyone can enjoy it.

  4. Your photos are just stunning! The composition is amazing. You could easily be a professional photographer!! Thanks for sharing. Oh by the way (hee hee), we have three degrees here…in IL. It’s not bad. :)

  5. Lisa I love your pictures. They are so beautiful. It is soo cold here in Illinois it crackles outside. Love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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