It’s 34 and things are finally beginning to thaw out. Woke up this morning to a cacophony of neighbors trying to chip the ice off their vehicles. There was an article in the paper about what people are using to get the ice off — some strange things, including a boomerang!

We may get more rain/freezing rain today, but it’s supposed to stay above freezing so it shouldn’t stick.

Oh and we haven’t had postal mail for the past 2 days — you know it’s bad when the post office closes. I have a bunch of cards made, hopefully it will be light enough to take some pictures at lunch.

2 Replies to “Melting.”

  1. No mail no bills thats a good thing.  We will be getting it in about two days but it is to be snow.

  2. Beautiful ice images, Lisa! Just stunning. (Makes me want to go out & buy a macro lens for my camera immediately!)

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