Everyone can look at this one!

So I just received an email from Barbara with the following bit in it:

(the not peeking part is killing me so you need to put something else up on your blog for me to read)

ha ha! So here’s something everyone can look at: a quick thank you card for my Dad!

Supplies: Hero Arts Greetings and Graphics, Striped Fish, gemstones, Pool notecards and Pool Shadow Ink. Prismacolor colored pencils.

5 Replies to “Everyone can look at this one!”

  1. Barbara Hache says:

    What an awesome card ! I love the “water” and the colors are great ! Love the gemstones as well .
    Thank you for putting this up ! It will definitely help keep my mind off of the previous post !

    :-) Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara!

    I can’t wait until you get the thing that you’re not allowed to peek at!! I sent it yesterday!!!

    Had fun making the fish card but I wasn’t going to post it because I thought it was too simple! Glad you like the water, I had one of those flashes and had to try it.

    You’re still not allowed to peek, though. Ha!

  3. Great card Lisa! I love the simple beauty of this one! Great ideas for the water and air bubbles!


  4. OMG! SHUT UP!!!! I haven’t had time to pop in on you in ages, and when I FINALLY get a moment, look at everything I get to DROOL over!!! WOW! Oh, I’m so giddy, I’m bouncin’!!! And, Missy, lemme tell you: EVERY card you create absolutely knocks my socks off–simple, not so simple–doesn’t matter! I’m WILD about all your stuff, girlie!

  5. Another cute card with these great stamps !

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