On my way to CHA!

I’m writing this from the Phoenix airport — did you know they have free WiFi here?
I’m going to be at CHA all week in the Hero Arts booth — stop by and say HI if you are in town! I’ll be helping to setup the booth tomorrow. Anybody taking the class on Sat or Sun let me know!

I’ll try to post more later…!

4 Replies to “On my way to CHA!”

  1. Hi Lisa…. just wondering if I can put a link to your blog on my blog…. http://www.nancyscreativemess.blogspot.com


  2. Hi Nancy — sure thing! I took a quick peek at your blog, will look more when I get back from the show.

  3. Hi Lisa! I’m leaving for the show myself this evening. I’ll drop by the HA booth to say hello. I think I’m taking both HA classes as well… will you be there? Will be great to meet a fellow Texan stamper!

  4. Hi Laura! I’ll be in both classes — the one on Sat at 3 and the one on Sun at 7 AM! See you there!

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