Playing around with iPhoto

I know everyone’s eagerly awaiting some photos and news from CHA — and it’s coming, I promise. I worked on it some tonight, should have it up tomorrow!

In the meantime, I thought I’d post this picture from a workday we had at Indiangrass Preserve on Sunday. It was fun — about 30 people showed up to cut juniper and other brush that’s invading the prairie. Cutting brush is hard work but very satisfying. And cut juniper smells great, mmmmm.

This is a picture of my friend Scott trying to hide behind a mesquite — he hates having his picture taken, ha. I was playing around with iPhoto and thought this sepia tone gave it an antique, westerny kinda feel — yet the truck makes it modern.

I bet he was thinking about all the work left to be done on the preserve. He has really made a difference though. Go Scott!

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  1. Love the photo !!

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