CHA Report

Here it is, the long awaited report on CHA! Click on the album for photos!

What a week, I’m still recovering! Had tons of fun and got to meet lots of friends new and old. It’s always great to hang out with the Hero Arts crew.

Here’s a rundown:

Thursday: Flew to California — got to the hotel around 9:00 PST at night and zonked out.

Friday: Worked all day setting up the booth. It always amazes me how a convention center is transformed from a bunch of boxes and crates to the wonderful displays by show time.

Saturday: Finished setting up the booth around 9:30 at night — including emergency runs to Target and Best Buy. Shari taught an awesome class from 3-5, in which I met Laura!

Sunday: First day of the show and the launch of the Hero Arts ClearDesign Month-by-Month stamps! Julie stopped by the booth — always good to see her — don’t forget to check out her SCS Blog on CHA. Saw Martha Stewart’s keynote speech. Had dinner at the hotel afterwards — and who should be sitting a few tables over but Carol Duvall!

Monday: The booth was hopping all day long! Jackie Leventhal, the founder of Hero Arts, came for the day. In the evening we had dinner at the Anaheim White House — yum. Judi, I think this was the day I met you?

Tuesday: A huge blur. Ha! At one point we ran out of flyers with the show special on them, so I ran downstairs to Kinkos — and discovered that I was in line behind Karen Thomas of Yasutomo. I blathered on about how I loved making her post-it-note covers.

Wednesday: Show ended at 2:00 (well, more like 2:30 for us) and we packed everything back up.

Thursday: Flew back home. Everyone on the 4:30 AM shuttle was heading home from CHA too.

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  1. Great pics from the show, Lisa! You’re right…it’s amazing how a bunch of boxes transform into a crafter’s dream playground. ;)
    Sounds like you guys were incredibly busy throughout the week…which is great for Hero. Let me know if you’re ever in my neck of the woods up in Dallas. Rumor has it that Stamp Antonio sadly may be closing down in April… but there are a couple of great stamp stores in the DFW Metroplex – Stamp Asylum & Imprintz, if you ever need a fix of new rubber. :)

  2. Ingeborg Schildkamp says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Can’t wait to be able to order the new Clear Stamps.

  3. Thanks Lisa for sharing your thoughts and wonderful photos with all of us. I just received the new Hero Arts catalog and love it! Awesome samples!!

  4. {{{{{{{{{Lisa}}}}}}}}} It was so AWESOME to see you at the show and spend a few moments chatting! Thank you for signing my catalog for me, girlie! I loved getting to see your GAW-JUS samples, and everything new and rockin’ at Hero Arts! Smooches!!!

  5. Great to have a peek into how a show like that comes to be! Lots of work but the results are great. Thanks for the photos!

  6. I’m sure that for you there were long hours and tired feet, but for those of us on the”outside”, it was one of my ideas of what heaven must be like! Just think of all the fun you could have there!

  7. HI

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